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"At the end of the sea, the sky is the shore, and at the top of the mountain, there are peaks." For 30 years, we have traveled through wind and rain, overcoming obstacles and cutting through thorns. We inherit and carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit of the older generation of Luwei people, who are "bold in thinking, daring to work, working hard, and not afraid of failure". We reform and innovate, forge ahead, pursue excellence, contribute to a new era, and innovate Luwei again.

Pursuing innovation in Luwei - Focusing on the "strong chain extension and chain replenishment" project, deepening the "technology empowerment", comprehensively and deeply promoting the construction of "standardization, standardization, refinement, automation, and intelligence", continuously improving management levels and production processes, and making every effort to build a national level vitamin C research and development center.

Pursuing green Luwei - Adhering to technological innovation and green development, taking the construction of a green low-carbon circular economy industrial park as an opportunity to create a "zero carbon" enterprise.

Pursuing harmony in Luwei - "Creating value and achieving dreams". In Luwei's big family, one cannot be left behind; "People oriented, caring for employees, building a platform, and acting together for the future.".

Pursuing integrity and Luwei - always taking integrity as the foundation of enterprise development. Enterprises emphasize integrity, employees improve quality, create first-class products, gather talents, and serve customers.

Pursuing Responsibility Luwei - Developing without forgetting to repay society, adhering to the responsibility of common prosperity, combating the epidemic, emergency rescue and disaster relief, respecting teachers and education, caring for the elderly, caring for students, and successively donating more than 100 million yuan to charity and public welfare undertakings.

"The majestic pass is truly like iron, and now we are stepping forward from the beginning." Looking back on the past, we are heartened and looking forward to the future. We are full of pride. Only through struggle can we live up to our youth. Luwei Pharmaceutical is willing to sincerely cooperate with all sectors of society and old and new friends, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and embrace a better future together.