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Name:Vitamin C chewable tablets (lemon flavour) 300 mg


Vitamin C chewable product name 】 【 300 mg (lemon flavour)

[appropriate crowd] adults need vitamin C

Not appropriate crowd 】 【 17 people under age, pregnant women and lactating women

The health care function 】 vitamin C

Daily intake and edible method 】 【 1 times, each time 1 piece, chew food

【 rules case 】 1 g / * 60 pills

【 storage method 】 sealed, a cool and dry place preservation

【 protect quality issue 24 months

【 notes 】 this product is no substitute for drugs. Appropriate crowd outside the crowd is not recommended consumption of this product. Unfavorable exceed the recommended or similar nutrients to eat at the same time; Phenyl acetone urine disease patients with caution.